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7 Tips For Eating Healthy at Restaurants

Danielle Saunders

Eating out with friends and family can be such a treat. Not having to clean the kitchen, grocery shop, and prepare a...

Leptin, Ghrelin and Your Waist Line

Danielle Saunders

Leptin and ghrelin are two main hormones that are released to help keep our hunger and appetites in balance. Disrupt...

Circadian Rhythm: Is Your Job Impacting Your Health?

Danielle Saunders

Life on Earth has evolved to thrive with the natural cycles of the sunrise and sunset. Humans are no exception and a...

How to Suppress Your Appetite and Stop Hunger Cravings

Danielle Saunders

Do you feel like you constantly want to snack? Perhaps you find yourself casually grazing on food all day? When you ...

Joint Pain and Weather: How Weather Affects Your Joints

Danielle Saunders

Do you ever feel like your joints hurt or ache when the weather changes? Maybe your joints feel stiff or like someth...

Is Coffee Good For You?

Danielle Saunders

One to two times a week, I love having a cup of coffee with a little coconut cream added. There is just something wa...

The Simple Math of Weight Loss

Danielle Saunders

  Many people say they have counted their calories for years and it doesn’t work. A lot of people go on diets, meanin...

Juicing 101 with Dr. Danielle

Danielle Saunders

  WHY IS JUICING GOOD FOR ME?   When people ask me if juicing is good for them? I ask them a few questions. For e...

Multiple Sclerosis: Living With MS

Danielle Saunders

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS is comprised...

Is Butter Bad For You?

Danielle Saunders

We have all heard the controversy before: that butter is bad for you. Many medical professionals have told patients...

What are "Natural Flavors" in our food and drink?

Danielle Saunders

You see the term, “Natural Flavors” on all kinds of food and drink packaging. It’s such a common ingredient that it...

6 Tips For Better Eye Health

Danielle Saunders

As someone who suffered from poor vision (near-sightedness also known as myopia) since middle school, I can speak to...
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